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Welcome to the LinGate which was created on 1 January, 2001 as an on-line association for the advancement of scientific study of language. It serves the interests of Linguistics Students throughout the world. The principal aim of LinGate is to promote the study of languages and Linguistics.
In order to further this aim, LinGate:
          - provides on-line Linguistics Courses on the basics of Linguistics
          - publishes the LinGate Editorial on-line issue


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This page is designed and created by Mehmet Ali Bugucam of The Department of English Linguistics of Mersin University.

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Prof. Luciano Vitacolonna
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I am pleased to inform you that LinGate was born! LinGate is a website devoted to linguistics and created by some Turkish graduate students of the University of Mersin. However, as every newborn creature, LinGate needs affection and care. Why don't you help it grow? Your suggestions, hints, and critical remarks are welcome!

Thank you for your attention.
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Luciano Vitacolonna

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